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İstanbul Havalimanı International Airport (LTFM) for Tower!3D

Istambul Airport


Istanbul Airport is the main airport for Istambul, Turkey. It was opened to the public in 2018. In 2019, all commercial passanger flights were transferred here from Istanbul Atatürk Airport.


Now it can handle 200 million passangers a year. There are some hubs as well, like the hub of Onur Air, Turkish Airlines and Turkish Cargo as well.

It has 5 asphalt runways. The lenghts are ranging between 10,039 ft and 13,451ft. There is an enormous terminal, sectioned to 5 concourses: A, B, D, F and G. Concourse G is reserved mostly for domestic flights.


Requires Tower!3D SP3 or Tower!3D Pro SP2


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