Sven Huber
Nov 30, 2018

ipv6 compatibility

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Hello everyone, I would like to know if Tower!3D Pro supports connections via Ipv6.

The german cable providers don`t support ipv4 connections anymore and so you can only host via a tunneling service like hamachi but I think that causes a lot of lost connections during the sessions so that's my experience.


Sep 20

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  • Kostya Sanderson
    Nov 1

    I dont see color in dxb for tower 3d pro. the airport and real traffic is installed correclty but the real color for dxb is not showing up in the game. This works fine with jfk lax and phl no problem there.
  • Roberto Beunes
    11 hours ago

    Why after 5 hours of controlling airport traffic dramatic die or decrease substantially ?? Happens in Philadelphia and also in Los Angeles. Thanks in advance
  • Jackson Stroud
    8 hours ago

    I have had Tower 3DPro for a year or so and have always had a problem. The speech recognition Is okay but while I’m in game the planes will stop responding to me. They will still accept my commands but no response. And also sometimes they won’t respond or accept my commands. Not sure if there’s anything I can fix or do. thanks