Jun 7, 2017

Bug at KATL Terminal F

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Although I listed this in my other thread of suggested fixes, this one is the only one that seriously impacts the gameplay, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a separate thread for it..  It appears that all of the gates at Terminal F are coded as small or medium size, when they should all be large size.  This prevents realistic operation of the airport.  


Terminal F is the primary terminal for international flights at KATL, and most of the planes using it are larger ones (777s, A330s, A340s, 747s).  However, none of those aircraft will park at Terminal F.  Smaller jets do go to F without issues.  Using the default RT schedule and default RT terminal file, it is mostly full of DAL MD-80s, 737s,and the like, maybe the occasional 757.  If I take all airlines out of F except KAL,KLM,AFR and other carriers that only fly large aircraft into KATL, then the terminal is empty, and stays that way.  The same flights show up fine if I assign them to Terminal E.  Moreover, if  modify the schedule and change, for example KAL36 (a 773 that leaves in the 12:00 hour), to a CRJ, then it will show up at Terminal F without any problems (without a livery of course).



Nov 9

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  • Kostya Sanderson
    Nov 1

    I dont see color in dxb for tower 3d pro. the airport and real traffic is installed correclty but the real color for dxb is not showing up in the game. This works fine with jfk lax and phl no problem there.
  • Roberto Beunes
    5 hours ago

    Why after 5 hours of controlling airport traffic dramatic die or decrease substantially ?? Happens in Philadelphia and also in Los Angeles. Thanks in advance
  • Jackson Stroud
    2 hours ago

    I have had Tower 3DPro for a year or so and have always had a problem. The speech recognition Is okay but while I’m in game the planes will stop responding to me. They will still accept my commands but no response. And also sometimes they won’t respond or accept my commands. Not sure if there’s anything I can fix or do. thanks